Steam Traps

BiTherm is a Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience who specialize in manufacture & supply of products and services focussed to energy conservation and environmental protection.

BiTherm stands apart from their competitors since their design is combined with high technology and well-engineered products.

Most of BiTherm products are internationally patented and have been awarded several prestigious awards. The company was founded in 1977 in Spain, focused on energy saving studies and audits as well as maintenance of steam and condensate networks in thermal power stations, crude refineries and the petrochemical industry. The experience and expertise acquired in this field allowed BiTherm to develop intelligent steam traps that have high energy efficiency and require low maintenance.

The company has always made a strong bet and continuous efforts in R&D & Innovation, resulting in several breakthrough international patents. This has made BiTherm a pioneer in the development of cutting edge steam traps such as bi-thermostatic steam traps, intelligent steam traps, and refinery monitorization system for steam and condensate networks bearing registered trademarks as BiTherm, TrapHelp, LeakTector, SmartWatchWeb respectively.

The company’s continuous innovations and professional services have been awarded 3 Gold Medals in the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (2004, 2005, 2012), and other international awards.
BiTherm - Steam Trap
BiTherm - Steam Trap
BiTherm - Steam Trap
BiTherm - Steam Trap
Their main products being as follows:

1. Bi-Metallic Bi-Thermostatic Steam Traps

Bi-Metallic Bi-Thermostatic Steam Trap
Balanced pressure steam traps, with independent seat and piston and an external drainage temperature and load adjustment device, which can be serviced without interrupting the steam circuit.

  1. Increased Life due to reduced erosion due to the independent valve and seat (located in area of reduced velocity)
  2. Can function in any position due to the steam trap’s automatic venting capacity due to design (function in any position)
  3. Replacement costs are reduced due to to independent valve and seat.
Four types of construction:
  1. Forge Steel Body with Titanium Nitride Internals
  2. Carbon Steel Body with Stainless Steel Internals
  3. Alloy Steel Body with Stainless Steel Internals
  4. Stainless Steel Body with Stainless Steel Internals

2. Smart Watch Web

Smart Watch Web - BiTherm
SmartWatchWeb is an advanced remote refinery monitorization system which allows immediate detection of external and internal gas and steam leaks in steam traps and valves. It also facilitates an increase in energy efficiency of steam and condensate networks as well as reduction of greenhouse effect.

It is a Bitherm Patented Product with lots of benefits and savings.

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3. Intelligent Steam Trap

Intelligent Steam Trap - BiTherm
Intelligent Steam Traps are a couple of the Smart Watch Web along with Bi-metallic Bi-thermostatic Steam Trap.

The use of Bitherm´s Intelligent products provides the means to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the maintenance costs as they monitor the steam network and focus the maintenance where it needs to be applied 

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4. Complimentary Product

BiTherm Trap Valve Station

Trap Valve Station

BiTherm trap valve station, TVS, offers an inlet isolation piston valve, outlet isolation piston valve, by-pass valve, testing valve, universal flange for connecting any kind of steam trap and the SmartWatch connection, all merged in a single body.

One of the main advantages is that constitutes a very compact design, reducing installation space, saving welds, and allow replacing steam traps in a very easy way.
BiTherm Steam Manifold - Piston Valves

Steam Manifold

BiTherm steam manifolds are designed to solve such typical problems (vertical installation). Fabricated headers to supply steam, or collect condensate, avoiding sources of leakage. Moreover, this also impulses the aesthetics of a well-designed plant; and eliminates continuous monetary losses due to energy wastage.

BiTherm steam and condensate manifolds are made from forged steel to suit various operating conditions. These are available in configurations of 4, 8 or 12 ways. Integral piston valves of seatless design will ensure that leakages across seat are eliminated totally.

Piston valves have two clear advantages:
  1. The valve stem and sealing surfaces are protected from dirt.
  2. Piston sliding, without turns, between the rings preventing dirt from damaging the sealing surfaces, ensuring long duration.