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Tube-Mac® Piping Technologies Ltd. was founded in 1977 as a piping systems repair and installation business. It has since grown into a progressive worldwide company with TUBE-MAC® offices in Canada, USA, Spain and Brazil; distributors and agents throughout North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Founder of Tube-Mac Mr Garry Mackay - TMI
  • Founder of Tube-Mac Mr Garry Mackay - TMI
  • Tube Mac Facility Stoney Creek Ontario Canada - TMI
TUBE-MAC® has achieved yet another milestone in their corporate history - ISO9001-2008 Tube-Mac certification. ISO certification, along with ABS, DNV, Lloyd's Register and CCS (Chinese Classification Society) certifications assures their customers receive quality products and services from their entire group of companies.
  • Evolved into an advanced pipe component manufacturer
  • Products manufactured to utmost precision
  • Pioneers to implement the impulse and vibration tests simultaneously which became the industry standard
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TMI® utilizes technologically advanced Non-Welded 37 degree flare flanges, Retain Ring Flanges and Pyplok® connectors as a more cost effective alternative to welded piping systems. Skilled welders for high pressure piping systems are very expensive and limted in todays world. Cleanliness and environmental issues are a major concern for lot of industries. There is absolutely no valid reason that piping systems should be installed in the same manner they were 50 years ago with high labour costs and inadequate cleanliness practices.

Their extensive inventories of products and equipment allows Tube-Mac® to deliver materials and services to our customers in a timely manner.