Water based solutions

Chase Resource Management Pte Ltd is the Dealer Agent for DOE products in Singapore.
DOE was established in 1992, based in Poland. They are a water solutions provider. They manufacture Water Treatment, Filtering, Heating and Storage equipment. They also supply spares to Marine Industry.

Their products are divided into:
DOE Water
DOE Energy


HUZAR (Self Cleaning Filter)
Huzar is a self cleaning filter system. The filter is of cross-flow type and is based on self cleaning screen filtration technology. The Huzar Filter is patented and has lot of applications.
HUZAR - Self Cleaning Filter - DOE Water


PELICAN (Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Generator)
Pelican is a skid mounted desalinator. It converts salt water to fresh water through reverse osmosis process. Simple cartridge filters are installed to ensure proper work and to secure the machines from damage. Even though the inlet water may be dirty, a 3 step filtration is used consisting of DOE Pre-filter HUZAR, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis (RO) which effectively serves the purpose.
PELICAN - Reverse Osmosis RO Water Generator - Desalinator - DOE Water
STORK (Technical Water Maker)
Stork is a skid mounted desalinator. It generates technical water. The incoming water can come from various fresh water sources like river, lakes or estuaries. Technical water is used in the numerous applications like cooling and heating systems, for machineries etc.
Stork Technical Water Maker - Desalinator - DOE Water

Water Storage

SHARK (Water Tank)
Shark is a water tank mainly for marine applications. It comes with a variety of certifications.
SHARK - Water Tank - Water Storage - DOE Water


Seal (Calorifier)
Seal is a Marine sanitary hot water heater. Seal is used for heating and storage of the sanitary hot water on ships.
Seal - Calorifier - DOE Energy


Turtle (Hydrophore)
Turtle is a skid-mounted hydrophore with to support for sanitary or technical water applications in marine use. It consists of a tank with pumps mounted on a common aluminium frame.
Turtle - Hydrophore - Pumps - DOE Energy