Pyplok® in Refineries

Refineries employ the highest safety standards among all industries and hence supply and installation of piping products will require adherence to stringent rules and regulations.
Pyplok Fittings - Non-Welded Piping
Pyplok® being installed for a) Glycerine Residue (left) b) Sodium Methylate (right) lines in PTT Refinery, Thailand
Pyplok Fittings - Non-Welded Piping
Pyplok® being installed for process lines in Total FINA, Brunei
Refinery Maintenance being one of the very critical activity for a refinery, prohibits hot-work. Pyplok® being a completely cold-work process and the quick installation time involved makes it an ideal refinery maintenance product. It is due to this reason that Pyplok is used in refineries throughout the globe. For refinery jobs, Pyplok® come with ATEX certified pneumatic pump for high safety.

Pyplok Fittings - Non-Welded Piping
PYPLOK® has been used across many refineries in the world and is approved by Brunei Shell, Exxon Mobile, Petrobras, and Woodside.
TR 3016
BSP-72 STD-005
Design Spec 3-6-6
Offshore Engg. Standard

No Hot Work
Pyplok® is a completely non-welded and no-hot work process.This aligns with what refineries prefer as they do not have to stop work surrounding the lines to be repaired.
Low Downtime
Downtime is a major factor affecting a refinery's productivity. Pyplok® needs very less time compared to other fittings and can be done by personnel who undergo a basic training in Pyplok® installation.
Approved by Refineries
Pyplok® is approved by major oil companies around the world like Shell, PetroBras, StatOil etc. It is used widely accross the globe. This helps in easy implementation of Pyplok® by new refinery customers.
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