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LMC Makina has over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing high quality and cost effective hydraulic and pneumatic components. Hydraulic tube clamps represent about 70% of the LMC Makina business while recent investments are progressively supporting the growth of other components like plastic tapered plugs, hydraulic tank covers, level gauges, U-bolts, pipe metal clamps. LMC Hydraulic Tube Clamps are manufactured according to international standards and grant quick and easy pipes and hoses installation together with a clean and rational pipe line. The use of LMC Hydraulic Tube Clamps reduces significantly noise and vibration on the machinery having a direct effect on the user’s health and safety.

While applications of LMC Hydraulic Tube Clamps are boundless, they also manufacture custom clamps since the most frequent field of utilisation are operating machineries, marine hydraulics, energy transfer lines, and construction and agriculture machineries.

LMC at present aims to be one of the top hydraulic & pneumatic manufacturer in the world by hugely investing in R&D activities and bettering their manufacturing capabilities.
LMC Makina
LMC Makina

LMC Products

Hydraulic Tube Clamps
Hydraulic Tube Clamps – DIN 3015–1,2,3
Metal Pipe Clamps-U-Clamps - Bolts
Metal Pipe Clamps (U-Clamps & Bolts)
Clamps for Railways - LMC
Clamps for Railways
Plastic Plugs & Caps - LMC
Plastic Plugs & Caps
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Accessories - LMC
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Accessories
Mounting Rails & Profiles - LMC
Mounting Rails & Profiles
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