Camtech Valve Solutions

1. Ball Valve

Ball Valve - Camtech
Camtech manufactures different types of ball valves like Floating Ball Valve, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve, Top Entry Ball Valve, Double Isolation Ball Valves. These ball valves are manufactured to utmost precision and are certified by the highest class standards like API-6D and so on.

2. Gate Valve

Gate Valve - Camtech
CAMTECH Gate valves are heavy duty, outside screw and yoke type, Bolted bonnet, rising stem and non-rising handwheel type. The straight through bore design assures minimum turbulence, erosion and resistance to flow. These valves are handwheel operated and gear operated depending upon the size.

3. Globe Valve

Globe Valve - Camtech
CAMTECH manufactures Globe valves types like bolted bonnet type, pressure seal globe type, forged steel globe type. These valves are highly efficient for service requiring frequent operation and throttling. These valves are hand wheel operated and gear operated depending upon the size. Globe valves are generally considered for moderate control and regulation of fluid.

4. Check Valve

Check Valve - Camtech
CAMTECH manufactures check valves like bolted cover swing check valves, pressure seal swing check valves, dual plate check valve, forged steel check valve. These valves are unidirectional valves and restrict flow from opposite direction. These valves are best suited for moderate velocity conditions. Swing check valves are normally designed for horizontal flow condition, but can also be installed in vertical pipeline, but in vertical pipeline, the flow shall be in upwards direction and under the disc.

5. Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve - Camtech
CAMTECH Double Offset Butterfly Valve is design offers rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field. These valves are Bi-directional with zero leak features. Resilient seat design also can achieve low torque which is easy for operation. Camtech High Performance Valve delivers the highest quality and highest value available for meeting today’s demanding requirements of zero leak.

6. Conduit Gate Valve

Conduit Gate Valve - Camtech
Camtech Through Conduit Gate valves offer increased value by incorporating advanced design features. These valves are designs and manufactured with a full bore port, rising stem, OS & Y type with floating seats. These valves are robust in construction and easy In-Line maintainability. The full port bi-directional flow capability minimizes pressure drop and turbulence. The valve seat faces are outside the flow stream and therefore the seats are protected from the erosive action of the fluid flow. These valves are piggable valves and Pigs and scrapers can be run through the valve without causing damage to the valve and seats.

7. Plug Valve

Plug Valve - Camtech
Camtech Pressure Balanced Lubricated Plug valves are robust in construction and easy In-Line maintainability. These valves are used where existing pulsating or static high pressures are present. These valves are suitable for medium that are used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, electric power industry etc. under nominal pressure of Class 150-2500 Lbs and working temperature of –29~180°C.

8. API 6A Valve

API 6A Valve - Camtech
Camtech API 6A valves provide highest level of quality and value to oil and gas application. These valves have optimized flow path and proper selection of trim style and material for longer life, proper performance and function. The single piece slab gate is field-replaceable and provides the valve with full bidirectional sealing capability at both high and low pressures. Slab Gate Valves are designed for oil and natural gas wellhead, manifold or other critical service applications with operating pressures from 3,000 to 10,000 psi. these valves are offered in all API temperature classes and product specification levels PSL 1 through 4.

9. Pigging Valve

Pigging Valve - Camtech
Camtech pig valves are robust in construction and are developed from our existing range of Trunnion mounted ball valves, and having the function of launching or receiving pig, as well as all the features and function of standard pipe line Trunnion mounted ball valves.

10. Cryogenic Valve

Cryogenic Valve - Camtech
Camtech Cryogenic valves are specially designed for gas treatment processes and storage and transportation of liquefied gasses such as LNG, liquid nitrogen, Oxygen,. Etc. These valves are required to be operated to give assured leakage rates. These valves which are recommended to use below -50⁰C are designed with an extended bonnet which separates the operator and stem seal from the cold temperature. 12” gas column is a standard feature for these valves.
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