Case Study: Hydraulic Piping for Monopile Upending Hinge: Singapore

A leading offshore equipment manufacturer which had already awarded Chase Resource (CR) two Monopile Gripper Projects, further entrusted CR to take up the hydraulic piping work for their Monopile Upending Hinge System. The customer had tight timelines and hence the project had to be done soon after the completion of the 2nd Monopile Gripper Project which was due to be completed by Feb 2022.

Project Details were as follows:-
  1. Non Weld Technology : 37 Degree Flare Flange, PYPLOK®
  2. Pipe Sizes : Metric — 25x2.5 mm, 20x3 mm, 8x1 mm | NPS — 1-1/4” Sch80, 2” Sch40, 1” Sch80, 1-1/2” Sch80, 1-1/2” Sch40.
  3. System Pressure : 210 Bar, 300 Bar
  4. Piping Length : Approx 600 mtr (All lines)

The scope of work was as follows:-
  1. Finalization of Pipe Spec and Line Sizes
  2. Supply of Pipes, Non Welded Pipe Fittings, Hoses and all other components related to piping.
  3. Installation - Fabrication, Bending, Flaring, Erection, Pressure Testing, Flushing of the Hydraulic Piping System.

PYPLOK® End Flange Adapters used to connect small bore pipes to valve manifold blocks.

PYPLOK® End Flange Adapters used to connect small bore pipes to valve manifold blocks.

Piping connected to HPU pipes and piping connected to ball valves

With the piping design finalized between the Customer and our OEM TMI. The project took off in full swing with a larger team deployed to fabricate and paralelly install the piping to cater to the customers tight timelines. Being a large sized project, the HPU powers around 16 cylinders and the system has an approximate total piping length of 600 metres.

With highly critical machinery, the project demanded strict oil cleanliness standards. With inherent cleanliness advantages of Non-Welded Piping systems and a competent team, the system was delivered satisfactorily to the customer within the given timelines.
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