Case Study: Hydraulic Piping for Monopile Gripper II: Singapore

Two years after the successful completion of the Monopile Gripper Project Piping, the customer awarded Chase Resource (CR) a repeat order. The quality and reliability of CR as a Hydraulic Piping Solutions Provider played a big role in it getting this repeat order.

Project Details were as follows:-
  1. Non Weld Technology : 37 Degree Flare Flange, PYPLOK®
  2. Pipe Sizes : NPS — 2-1/2” Sch80, 2” Sch80, 2” Sch40, 1-1/2” Sch80, 1-1/2” Sch40, 1-1/4” Sch80, 3/4” Sch80, 3/4” Sch40, 1/2” Sch40
  3. System Pressure : 250 Bar
  4. Piping Length : Approx 430 mtr (All lines)

The scope of work was as follows:-
  1. Supply of Pipes, Non Welded Pipe Fittings,Hoses and all other components related to piping.
  2. Installation - Fabrication, Bending, Flaring, Erection, Pressure Testing, Flushing of the Hydraulic Piping System.

PYPLOK® End Flange Adapters used to connect small bore pipes to valve manifold blocks.

Piping connected to HPU pipes and piping connected to ball valves

The job involved connecting the HPU which to the 14 cylinders that it powers and the total length of the piping being approximately 430 metres. Installation processes like bending, flaring, crimping, flushing, pressure test and hose fabrication was all carried out by CR’s inhouse team and equipment.

With critical machinery, the project demanded strict oil cleanliness standards. With the inherent cleanliness advantage of Non-Welded Piping System and CR’s technical competence, the system was delivered satisfactorily to the customer within the given timelines.
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