pressure testing

Pressure test is an important and inseparable part of a piping installation.

The main components of pressure testing are:
  1. The medium of testing (Air, Nitrogen, Water, Oil, Medium of Working)
  2. The static test pressure
  3. Test pressure hold time
The machinery for pressure testing depends on the above components. Basically the pipeline is pressurized to 1.5 times the working pressure of the system in part increments and is held for 15 mins. There should be no leakage or drop in pipeline pressure which can be verified through the pressure gauges.
Hydraulic Pipe - Pressure Testing
Pressure testing in hydraulic system deals with pressures of 315 bar and above. THESE PRESSURES ARE DANGEROUS AND CAN CAUSE DEATHS. Hence pressure testing is a careful and high risk process which needs to be executed with proper expertise and safety.

Our team is well versed and competent to handle pressure testing projects of massive sizes. They are carried out systematically with safety as a top priority.