Exploration & Production Companies

Products mainly coming out of API (American Petroleum Institute) Approved factory facilities and passing stringent Quality / Third Party Inspections (either ABS or DNV-GL or BV or LR) are supplied mostly as a Factory Authorized Distributor through competitive International Bidding or Tendering process.

The categories are mainly as follows:


  • OCTG Casing & Tubing
  • Master & Casing Bushing, Centralisers
  • Kelly valves & IBOP
  • Mud Hoses
  • Mud Agitators
  • Travelling Block
  • Kellys, Heavy Weight Drill Pipes & Drill Collars
  • Mud Swivel, Kelly Swivel
  • Choke & Kill Line Manifold, X-Trees
  • TCR & PDC Bits
  • Make up Break up unit
  • Elevators, Slips, Tubing Spider, Manual Tongs, Snap on Tongs, Hydraulic Tongs, Drill Collar Safety Clamps, Manual & Power Slips


  • Oil Field Chains
  • Fenders
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • FRP Boxes
  • Pipe line repair clamps
  • Logging cables
  • E.O.T. Cranes
  • Wire Ropes
  • Bridle Chains
  • Water Maker
  • Chlorinators
  • Pigs
  • Coil Tubing Reels
  • Weight Indicators
  • Transmission Roller Chain
  • Fire & Gas Detectors
  • Pressure & Temperature Gauges, Pressure & Temperature Switches


  • Slotted Liner
  • Sub Surface Pumps, Sub Surface Pump spares - Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Stabilisers, Casing Scrappers, Core Barrels - Down Hole Mud Motors
  • Gravel Pack Screens
  • Compressor [All Types]
  • SRP Surface Units
  • Pumps [All Types]
  • Treating Iron spares
  • Sucker Rods, Polished Rods, Pony Rods, Sucker Rod Couplings, Polished Rod Clamps, Sinker Bars, SRP Gas Anchors, Cross overs, Wheeled Rod Guide, Sucker Rod Elevator, Sucker Rod BOP, Polished Rod BOP, Sucker Rod Wrench, Sub Rod Hook
  • Valves: Gate, HCR, Check, Ball, Globe, Control, Needle, Butterfly, Motor operated, Choke. Pressure Safety, Deluge etc.
  • Drilling Spools, DSA Flange, Cross-over Spool, Blind Flange, Welding neck Flange, Ring Gasket


  • XC Polymer
  • Silica Fumes
  • Potassium Formate, Sodium Formate and Intermediate Strength Proppant