Pyplok® Tooling
The Tube-Mac® Pyplok® pipe connecting system requires a few lightweight, portable installation tools:
1. Power Unit.
A Hydraulically actuated Swaging Tool which radially swages the Pyplok® Fittings onto a tube/pipe.
There are presently 6 types i.e. Model 10, 20, 40, 55, 70, 86. The selection of these models depends on the size of the fitting that has to be installed. Please refer to the table to know the exact unit required.

Click here to view the Pyplok® tool selection table.

2. Head Assembly with Dies
Attaches to power unit and, when actuated, swages fittings onto pipe. This is unique for every size and size standard of Pyplok® fittings.

3. Pump
Tube-Mac® series 10,000 psi pumps are the power supply, available in manual, electric, pneumatic and rechargeable electric. The battery operated pump (shown in the picture) is only able to power Model 10 and Model 20 Power Units. To power the higher Models we need to use either the manual, pneumatic or electric pump.

4. Hose
10,000 psi Hydraulic Hose. 10 feet long. This is standard for the installation of any size of the fittings.

5. Marking/Inspection Gauge.
Used for marking insertion depth on pipe and for verifying the 'after-swage' dimensions. There are seperate gauges for each pipe/tube size.
Different types of pumps:
Pneumatic Pump
  • Operates with 65 to 100 PSI shop air with an output pressure of 10,000-PSI
  • Foot pedal mounted on top, 10-foot hydraulichose
  • Weight: 19lbs/9kgs
Manual Hand Pump
  • Provides 10,000-PSI output pressure for tool activation
  • Supplied with a 10-foot hydraulic hose
  • Weight: 9lbs/4kgs
24 V. Battery pack Electric Pump
Not Supplied with Intrinsically Safe Enclosure
  • Provides 10,000-PSI output pressure for tool activation
  • Remote control switch
  • Supplied with a 10-foot hydraulic hose, 10-foot remote control, back pack carrying straps and carrying case
  • Weight: 18lbs/8kgs
110V and 220V - Electric Pump
Not Supplied with Intrinsically Safe Enclosure
  • Plugs directly into 110V AC of 220V AC Power supply
  • Includes a remote control switch
  • 1/2 HP universal electric motor (50/60 cycle)
  • Remote hand control with 10-foot cord
  • Provides 10,000 psi output
  • Weight: 30lbs/14kgs