TMI Non-Welded Piping for Thrusters

TMI Non-Welded Piping For Thrusters

Ship Thruster
Thruster is one of the important type of marine propulsion equipment of the ship.

There are mainly two types of Thrusters:
  1. Azimuth Thruster -  These thrusters can rotate 360 degree (horizontal angle) about their vertical axis and hence do not need any rudders. These thrusters are used for the propulsion of the ship.
  2. Tunnel Thruster – These thrusters are used for manoeuvring the ship. They do not rotate like azimuth thrusters and are meant for transversal propulsion of large ships.   
Thrusters are majorly run either by hydraulic power or electrical power. Thrusters run on hydraulic power are powered by a Hydraulic Power Unit. Good flow characteristics and clean hydraulic fluid are the ideal requisites for efficient working of the thrusters. These requisites are fulfilled by using Non-Welded Piping Technology. TMI Non-Welded Piping Technology has been implemented for many thruster systems around the globe. One such notable mention would be the hydraulic piping done for Retractable Thrusters for two vessels Helix Producer I and Helix Producer II.

The characteristic of the project were:
  1. Hydraulic Piping Supply, Installation and Flushing for 2 Retractable Thrusters from Thrustmaster
  2. The supply included Pipe, Pipe Components like Flanges and Fittings, Hose with Hose Ends, Ball Valve, Manifold Block all in Stainless Steel, clamps with bolt
  3. The 5” Retain Ring Flange system was used and the pipes were pre-fabricated
  4. Installation included full pipe installation, pressure test and oil flushing
Helix Producer 1
Helix Producer 1
Helix Producer I
HPU Connections Helix Producer 1
HPU Connections
Manifold connection to the thruster
Helix Producer 1 - Hydraulic Piping Thruster Connection
Helix Producer 1 - Hydraulic Piping Thruster Connection
Thruster Connection – Hydraulic Piping Connected to the Thrusters