Inspired by the opportunities available within the Offshore Drilling Industry, Chase Resource Management Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2006 to offer Supply Chain and Fulfilment Services to this segment of End-Users. The Company is registered in Singapore with offices in key Supply Chain hubs like Houston and Jebel Ali offering its Customers excellent access to both products and importantly services on demand basis. Apart from these locations being major Supply & Logistics hubs they offer excellent connectivity and financial management in project executions. Chase Resource is an ISO 9001 Certified Organization and is also a member of IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors).
Moving forward from its earlier days as a Supply House, Chase Resource today offers EPC solutions to Industries such as Oil & Gas, Automotive, and Offshore and Marine in the area of Non-Welded Piping solutions. Customers today are looking at options for making a transition from traditional welded systems to cleaner methods such as Non Weld and this is exactly where the Company has positioned itself to play that partnership role to Industry for implementation of such solutions.

In a world where business ethics and practices matter the most, the Company has established trust with both Customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) world-wide and takes great pride in the fact that they have a good talent pool. Chase Resource has track record with hundreds of OEMs and acts as Authorized Distributor for few in developing market opportunities.
The Company outlines the following reasons for its growth and success till date:
  • Professional management of the business. 
  • Compliance to all regulatory, mandatory, and ethical codes and best practices.
  • Sound systems and processes for operations including ERP implementation Company wide.
  • Importantly investing in the future and its employees for growth and  development


Chase Resource wants to be the Company that Industry can turn to for offering highly reliable solutions that will meet its business requirements and also fall back as a trusted service partner. It wants to win the trust of three important elements of any business – Customers, OEMs and most importantly Employees.