FEED (Front End Engineering Design)

This involves preliminary activities regarding design. Here we do a detailed assessment of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) sent by the customer regarding the Project and propose an optimum solution. We prepare a quote (Technical Proposal) and send it to the customer for review. The solutions that we provide are based on the attributes of the piping system like Flow Rate, Pressure Loss and Velocity. The Technical Proposal consists of details like the pipe sizes, material, grade. It will also contain the scope of supply and all other information about valves, clamps, brackets, connection details, pipe routing and any provisions like thermal expansion.

Detailed Design

Once the project is awarded we go forward with the design. Here we request all the important information from the customer like civil layout drawings, RC detail drawing (if required), hydraulic schematic drawing, P & I Diagram, machinery details. Upon the receipt of this information our in house design team will plot them (design elements) using Computer Aided Design Softwares working closely with the customer. The prepared drawing is sent to the customer for approval/changes. Once approved a final BOM is prepared. This BOM will consist of all the components/parts involved in the project so that sourcing them can be easily done.
Front End Engineering Design Services - Non-Welded Piping