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TMI Products especially PYPLOK® is an ideal refinery piping maintenance product.It has proved its reliability in a number of maintenance projects carried out till date. It solves the countless worries of our refinery customers who are plagued with constant shutdowns due to pipe maintenance because of welding leaks. PYPLOK® offers a single solution to all the problems caused by Welded Piping like
  1. No safety permits due to Non-Welding connection.
  2. Low shutdown (partial) time due to quick installation.
  3. Reliable Service because of long life of the PYPLOK® fittings.
PYPLOK’s efficiency and reliability has won the trust of many refinery customers and is regarded as one of the best pipe fitting for refinery maintenance.
PYPLOK® used in Shell Refinery
PYPLOK® used in BP, Australia
PYPLOK® has been used in a number of refineries all over the world.

Some of the main customers are

Beyond Petroleum
Shell Sydney, Eastern Petroleum, Refinery, USA
Brunei Shell
PTT Chemicals
Solvay Chemicals