INSTRUMENTATION, pneumatic and TUBE FITTINGs products
Finelok manufactures a range of fittings with different size, shapes and configurations. All the fittings are designed and manufactured in compliance with respective standards. Their fittings also come stamped with size, material and heat code. Further the fittings can be broadly classified into Low pressure fittings and High pressure fittings

Instrumentation Fittings
Finelok’s portfolio has various end connections available like double ferrule, JIC, weld type, quick connects, threaded. They are available in various sizes upto 2”.
High pressure fittings
Finelok’s high pressure fittings are manufactured to high accuracy. They can handle pressures up to 60,000 psi. They are based on the cone and thread technology. They are classified based on their pressure ratings namely 15 series (15,000 psi), 20 Series (20,000 psi), 60 Series (60,000 psi). Series 20 and 60 is based on the cone and thread technology.
Finelok manufactures a range of valves of different sizes, materials and configurations. Their valves may be broadly classified into Low pressure valves and High pressure valves

Instrumentation Tubing valves
Finelok manufactures a wide variety of valves for various applications. Various valves include ball valve, check valve, needle valve, excess flow valve, proportional relief valve, bleed purge valve, plug valve, block and bleed valve, gauge valve etc. These valves can handle pressure up to 6000 psi depending on their sizes.
High pressure valves
These valves can withstand a pressure of up to 60,000 psi based on their types. There are valve types available like ball valve (can withstand up to 20,000 psi), Check valve (60,000 psi), and needle valve (60,000 psi).
Finelok manufactures a range of filters in different configurations like weld, inline, Tee type and by – pass. Their filters are made of a union bonnet design. They are available in various body materials and grades. Variety of end connections are available for these filters.
Finelok manufactures manifolds for a wide array of applications.

They have manifolds ranging from distribution manifolds to air headers. They supply manifolds with various types of valves.

All the manifolds are nitrogen leak certified.
Finelok manufactures a range of hoses.

They have different hoses like
  • Flexible Metal
  • PTFE lined
  • Push-on type
  • Thermoplastic