Automotive Testing
Tube Mac Non-Welded hydraulic hardlines (hydraulic piping system) are extensively used in Automotive Applications like Testing and Manufacturing. Automotive testing and Manufacturing involves a lot of hydraulic machineries. TMI Non-Welded hydraulic hardlines are used to transport high pressure hydraulic fluid from the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) to the Actuators. A lot of automobile manufacturers have used TMI Non-Welded hydraulic hardlines in their testing and manufacturing labs. Manufacturers like Suzuki, Magna, General Motors, Ford, Hitachi, MAN, Audi, Maruti Suzuki (INDIA) and many more have been using TMI Non Welded hydraulic hardline systems to run their hydraulic machinery.
Automotive Applications like
Component Testing which includes Fuel Cell components, Steering Systems, Cooling Systems, Tires/Wheels, Transmission/Power Trains, Vehicle Roll Over Roof Testing, Engine mounts
Vehicle Testing which includes Road Simulation, Race Car Suspension/Aero Loading Tests etc.
Manufacturing which includes Machine Tool Transfer Lines, Central Grease System, Assembly Machines, Benders, Hydro-Forming Presses, Forging Presses, Paint Systems, Sealer Systems, Fuel Systems, Brake Fluid Systems, Cleaner Systems.

Chase Resource has executed two turnkey hydraulic piping project for a state of the art simulation lab for Maruti Suzuki India Limited at their R & D Facility in Rohtak, INDIA. This was a combination of a 4 post and 2 post simulation facility.
Please read the case study on these projects
  1. Maruti Vehicle Simulation Lab
  2. Maruti Strength Lab

Chase Resource has also executed a turnkey hydraulic piping project of a large scale component test lab for Ashok Leyland at their R & D Facility in Chennai, INDIA.
Please read the case study of this project
The projects where TMI hardlines are used are shown below
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