TMI Flaring machine


The purpose of the TUBE-MAC® TFM-01 and TFM-01-LS flaring machine is to produce a 37 degree flared pipe end in either cold drawn carbon steel or stainless steel pipe/tube. The TFM 01 flaring machine will produce a quality surface finish to meet the TUBE-MAC® flare flange/cone insert. The TFM-01 is the standard design which has the greatest range of sizes for NPS, Metric and OD Tube. The new designed TFM-01-LS has been developed for heavier walled Pipe and Tube and is suggested for sizes such as 2” Sch.160 and 4” Sch.80 Pipe or 60x8mm and 115x7mm metric tube.
  • Tube Flaring Machine - TMI
  • Tube Flaring Machine - TMI
  • Tube Flaring Machine - TMI


TFM-01 or TFM-01-220
NPS from ½” thru 3” Sch. 80, 3-1/2” and 4” Sch. 40
Metric from 12mm thru 115mm x 7mm wall
O.D. Tubes from ½” thru to 2”

TFM-01- LS or TFM-01- LS-220 (Low Speed)
NPS from 1” Sch. 80 thru to 4” Sch.80
Metric from 38mmx 5mm thru to 115mmx 7mm

920 lbs./ 417 kg

Main Characteristics

  • Hard rubber rotating Castors
  • A 30ft (9m) power cord
  • Oil drain below flaring pin
  • Pad locks and front door shut
  • Four bright yellow lifting eyelets
  • Bottom storage Space
  • Easy to open lid.
  • 180° rotation of pump handle
  • One piece barrel and rigid frame
Chase Resource trained technicians will train any operator on how to properly use the flaring machine.