Finelok is a company headquartered in USA. It was founded in 1991. They design, engineer, and manufacture instrumentation components, such as needle valves, manifold valves, filter valves, instrument ball valves, high pressure and compression tube fittings, and other instrumentation solutions. They are a team of 160+ personnel spanning in 4 countries with a single vision.

Their Vision
Allied Engineering
They are a solutions-based company that works directly with the engineering and procurement divisions of Tier-One OEMs, End-Users, and Instrumentation Manufacturer / Supply Companies.
Quality Manufacturing
They specialize in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high quality products and system components for customer - specific applications.
To truly assist clients they strive to continually develop tailor-made solutions and products through an ongoing dialogue and product redevelopment cycle.
Finelok is the global professional manufacturer in motion and control technologies. Industries which rely on their fittings and valves include: aerospace, chemical, power generation, commercial diving, ship building, process and petrochemical, to name but a few.
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