Potable water is a valuable resource for mankind and scarcity in many parts of the world due to increasing populations has become a big problem with greater demands for water and diminishing freshwater resources. Desalination is the process of converting saltwater to potable water. Successful desalination requires a material that can resist the various aggressive corrosions caused by seawater. Materials like stainless steel Type 316, Duplex & Super Duplex are ideal in environments with a marine atmosphere.

Our piping products are available in variety of materials such as Stainless Steel (types 316, Duplex and Super Duplex), Carbon Steel, Copper Nickel (CUNI), Copper and Aluminium. As an equal to or better than replacement for welding, our products have found acceptance in many desalination plant systems like:
GS Inima - Mostaganem, Cap Djinet - Algeria
Adelaide Aqua - Australia

Super Duplex PYPLOK® used in Instrumentation Lines at the Adelaide Desalination Plant