Pyplok® in Refineries
Pyplok® in Refineries
Many refineries have been victims to the blasts caused by leaks in the pipeline. Blasts in refineries due to pipeline leaks are common.
Traditionally, Welding is being used for the pipe joints all over the world and also refineries due to low material cost. But due to leakages in the piping system and difficulty in repair, the refineries have forced them to look to Non-Welded Piping Connection methods like PYPLOK®.
PYPLOK® is a 360 degree radially crimped mechanically actuated fitting. It involves no welding at all. It is available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex and Cu-Ni. It is a high pressure fitting.

PYPLOK® is easy to install and requires no skilled labour.
PYPLOK® has been used across many refineries in the world and is approved by Brunei Shell, Exxon Mobile, Petrobras, and Woodside.
TR 3016
BSP-72 STD-005
Design Spec 3-6-6
Offshore Engg. Standard
Refineries face a lot of problems due to pipe repair. Since,
  1. Hot work (welding) during to pipe repair.
  2. High downtime due to shutdown of the piping system.
  3. Shutdown or evacuation of nearby flammable systems (like pressure vessels) due to piping hot work.
  4. High expense loss due to repair cost (welding labour) and down time.
PYPLOK® is the ideal solution for the above. Since,
  1. It is a complete non-welded type of pipe connection, hence No Hot Work.
  2. It is quick to install, hence less downtime.
  3. It is a cold work technology, hence no evacuation of nearby flammable systems are required for the pipe repair work.
  4. It is easy and quick to install, hence no high labour cost and high downtime.